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Comedy Queen s elegant turn Mary fell in love with Italian Classics

October 24, 2016
Comedy Queen's elegant turn, Mary fell in love with Italian Classics Comedy Queen's elegant turn, Mary fell in love with Italian Classics Comedy Queen's elegant turn, Mary fell in love with Italian Classics

Max Mara's largest flagship store in Asia--Beijing huamao Center flagship store sitting on a four-layer more than 700 square meters of shopping space, is located in the capital city of Beijing's luxury brand powerhouse, project was designed by the architectural design master DUCCIO GRASSI himself. The major design elements are rendered by the spiral stairs to stairs covered by unique natural textured metal, beautiful bright Golden amber out of the curve, texture is even more remarkable. Giant lighting the outside curtain wall by the mirror glass with stainless steel frame, overall structure presents more up the central tower with wonderful Visual effects. To renew a private glory Switzerland Saber beauty

Max Mara is the highlight of the season was designed with patchwork, Plaid, rough Twill, classic elements such as color and light, and coincides with the trend of the times. Designers of the new industrial age woman as Muse, into the characteristics of such a time, further awakened women's self awareness.


October 18, 2016
Suspected iPhone7 backlight components spy photos leaked

Recently one of Taiwan shared the suspected iPhone Apple news site 7 backlight components spy photos, the site speculated that the component may be Apple's next iPhone backlight components 4 inches.

Suspected iPhone7 backlight components spy photos leaked

We take a look at iPhone 6s/6s Plus the backlight components, 3D Touch chip located in the intermediate position to the left, left of the LCD cable is also located in backlight Assembly. Disney Galaxy Note 4 case

Disney Galaxy Note 4 case

Suspected iPhone7 backlight components spy photos leaked

From the photo, iPhone and iPhone backlight components 7 6S, iPhone 6S Plus backlight components have similarities, but the 3D touch chips and flat flexible cables have been re-layout. 3D Touch chip close to the left edge, and the line is moved from the left side to the right.

Suspected iPhone7 backlight components spy photos leaked

But the rumors "iPhone 6C" no-d Touch, in addition to the backlight Assembly dimensions also indicates that the component applies to screen larger than 4 inches, so the backlight components are more likely to be used in the iPhone component of the 7. Disney Note 4 Case

No Apple Halo Applewatch PK smart bracelet can win

October 13, 2016

9.8-Apple announcement, Apple launched the new Apple Watch Series 2 compared to Apple Watch, Apple is not only for the new watch joined many feature upgrades, and hardware a lot of effort. Chip performance, built-in independent GPS module, enhanced waterproof function and so on have made Apple Watch Series over more than 2 points. But without Apple's backing, Applewatch charm really is better than currently available on the strange: the smart bracelet?

Apple Watch 2 new aspect

No Apple Halo Applewatch PK smart bracelet can win?

Although the appearance has changed a little, but Apple Watch 2 adds many new features, significant increase in the brightness of the screen (can see outdoors), double the processor speed, the built-in GPS (user go out exercise can not iPhone), and this time, it can swim. More importantly, Apple Watch strap 2 also compatible with original products. In addition, the original Apple Watch evolved into Series 1, switched a new processor, and new products under one roof of sales, prices fell to $ 269.

No Apple Halo Applewatch PK smart bracelet can win?

Apple added a ceramic version in appearance and Nike launch Apple Watch Nike+ two new skins, Apple not only strap Watch Nike+ changes, it also allows users to interact with friends in the Nike + Run Club, to motivate each other, happy exercise purposes.

No Apple Halo Applewatch PK smart bracelet can win?

Last is Apple Watch Series 2 also built-in has latest of watchOS 3, its not only increased has many of function and application, most surprise of is also support and "Pocket Monster Go" for linkage, let user can in Apple Watch Series 2 Shang displayed small Elf and you of distance, and in next has small Elf of when will reminded you, if you is a "Pocket Monster Go" players, may wish to understand about Oh, its accessories Pokemon Plus will be shipped at the end of September.

No Apple Halo Applewatch PK smart bracelet can win?

Overall Apple Watch Series 2 can be seen as Apple Watch upgrade version, mainly aims at the generation of weakness to supplement its functionality, and better to guide the user through the application training, note that Apple Watch is also updated to the latest Series of 2 processors, while others remained unchanged. Apple Watch Series 2 advance time for September 9, on sale September 16, price for aluminum metal case versions of 2188 Yuan up, stainless steel version for 4188, Apple Watch 2888 Nike+ version released is a ceramic version of 9588, interested friends may wish to have a good look.

No Apple Halo Applewatch PK smart bracelet can win?

Series 1 and Series 2 what is the difference?

Apple Watch Series 1 is equipped with the full functionality of the first generation of Apple Watch, but with the new dual-core processor, its performance is even better. Apple Watch Series 1 splash waterproof, but do not prevent flooding. For example, you can exercise, rain and wash wear and use Apple Watch Series 1, but not recommended to immerse them in water. Apple Watch Series 1 aluminium metal shell, running the latest version of watchOS.

Apple Watch Series 2 comes with full functionality for Apple Watch Series 1, they added quite a few new features: it reached 50 meters waterproof. Apple Watch Series 2 is not for scuba diving, water skiing, various water related activities, in the face of high velocity flow and deepwater activities. In this way, you can rest assured to wear while swimming. With the built-in GPS, even without iPhone here, also can provide precise speed, distance and location information. Next-generation display brightness than previous generations have been significantly improved. Apple Watch Series 2 precision ceramic, stainless steel or aluminum metal case, and runs the latest version of watchOS.

Misfit release Speedo Shine 2

Its Shine 2 and Ray will be able to increase the number of handles measuring functions

Misfit and Speedo announced together once again, released the second generation was named after Speedo sports--Speedo Shine, swim and sleep Monitor 2. As a result of Misfit long-term cooperation with Speedo, Speedo Shine 2 now available in, on sale, at $ 949 million.

No Apple Halo Applewatch PK smart bracelet can win?

Misfit release Speedo Shine 2

"Whether you train for swimming's goal is for fitness is, you will want to be able to fully concentrate on his own speed and stroke, rather than swam a few laps. Speedo Shine 2, you'll be able to concentrate on swimming without distraction, "Speedo United States team player, four-time Olympic gold medalist kalunqiongsi (Cullen Jones)," says Speedo Shine 2 is for athletes and fitness enthusiasts the ideal tool, you can simultaneously record overall fitness and sleep data, optimization of efficiency when they swim in the water.

Speedo Shine is the world's first specially designed for swimming enthusiasts of sports, swim and sleep monitor and Speedo Shine 2 is the next generation product. Misfit with Speedo to develop calculation patented algorithm applied to all strokes of swimming laps, with industry-leading accuracy, perfect track record swimming laps.

New Misfit Speedo Shine 2

New Misfit Speedo Shine 2

Speedo Shine 2 new features include:

And many colorful LED lights communicate user feedback vibration motor: Aperture view time by colorful lights and moving target completion, exclusive Misfit Move through reminders and specific lighting combinations excitation of vibration users campaign;

Swimming countdown timer: users set goals in advance swimming, Speedo Shine 2 in preset exercise time completed a warm vibration alert;

SMS, call, remind, and silent vibration alarm clock;

Combining Misfit Link App,Speedo Shine 2 variable music remote control, self-timer and remote control, PPT-play remote control or remote control a variety of intelligent home devices and Internet services the smart button.

Speedo Shine 2 Misfit latest hardware and firmware technology, capacitive touch technology significantly increases touch response speed, faster synchronization with mobile phones, Bluetooth a wide range of services. 12 LED light display over 16 million colors, bright, can be read directly in the Sun time and view campaign progress.

In addition, the Misfit its Misfit Ray and Misfit Shine 2 users can be purchased within the App, the $ 9.99 price, get the Speedo and Misfit of the common development of the world's top swimming data tracking number and the measuring function. Through this and future updates, Misfit users can find customized exercise program of daily activities, more optimized experience on the App.

Fitbit redefinition of iconic products launched a new Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2

Charge 2 Add "breathing training course" and "cardio assessment" (to estimate maximal oxygen uptake) and advanced health and fitness features;

Flex 2 that can be worn while swimming; super thin design, with a modern accessory show fashion, moving power

Fitbit two new fitness bracelet--Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2 has a new look and smooth lines, you can easily track a user's most important health and fitness data, by providing a more interesting, inspiring and a personalized experience, to help users achieve their goals. These two products separately in September and October sales began the major platforms:



Fitbit Charge of 2:Fitbit's most popular health bracelets more optimization, in addition to PurePulse heart rate tracking features, this product with enhanced exercise experience, is a new health and fitness tool, and users need most smart reminder function. New designs of bracelet display area larger, wrist strap accessories can be replaced, makes it easy for users to experience conversion from fitness to go out at night.

Fitbit first can wear swim ultra-thin body Flex 2:Fitbit bracelet with removable Tracker design wristbands with the classic accessories, elegant bracelets or pendants ornaments are matched with, makes it easy for users to their own style track round-the-clock activities, exercise and sleep.

fitbit flex 2

fitbit flex 2

"In the past nine years, our ability to function in product design and innovation, and deep understanding of our consumers ' needs so that we can grow into the world's top dressing equipment company," James Park, Fitbit, co-founder and CEO says, "as the first instalment of the successful integration of our fitness and fashion wearable device, Flex quickly became the bestselling tracking device on the market. Our Flex 2 innovations, so that it can be worn while swimming, and adding more on the design elements, newer than the original small 30%. We Charge HR to achieve new breakthroughs in heart rate calculation based on wrist can be used by millions of users around the world, we once again in Charge 2 interpretation of this functionality, allowing users to learn based on maximal oxygen uptake values their aerobic fitness.

Charge 2 let every beat of "rates"

Top Fitbit wearable device company in the world to its most popular health bracelets Fitbit Charge has redesigned HR , this was the first design of automatic heart rate calculation function on the user's wrist. Charge 2 has a brand new look and smooth lines, before the display screen is easy to read four times times the size of the product, to provide users with more interesting, inspiring and a personalized experience, to help users achieve their goals.

Product features include:

PurePulse innovative features: continuous heart rate tracking can help users to easily optimize your fitness activity, recording heat consumption more accurately, understand the overall health of the user. Charge 2 by two influential new features health and fitness tracking was upgraded, both are based on the user's personal heart rate as the drive:

O understand the user's aerobic fitness level automatically according to the user's maximum oxygen uptake values that meet the user's individual aerobic fitness levels and grades. Maximal oxygen uptake values by the user's data, calculated heart rate and movement. In addition, by increasing the exercise frequency, intensity or reach a healthier weight to guide the user to take action, gradually increase the user's score.

O respiratory courses through guided relaxation: Charge 2 to provide a relaxing experience, through personalized breath course allows users to physically and mentally calm. Heart rate every time a user changes in heartbeat determines an individual's breathing rate. Two minutes and five minutes of breathing to the user's heart rate in real time Visual, movement, and seismic signals show a heartbeat, help users adjust according to breathing instructions, breath, for the user to find a moment of peace of the day. Studies have shown that long guided breathing exercises is good for your health, including the reduction of stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure levels.

Fitness experience: real-time operational data directly on the screen, allows users to make instant judgments during the fitness, improve fitness.

O intelligent pattern recognition: track specific fitness activities, such as running, biking, weight training and yoga, exercise motion in Fitbit application overviews and detailed activity reports.

OGPS data global positioning system connections: fitness bracelet user connected with the GPS feature in smartphones, providing users with more accurate operational data in real time, such as running the pace and distance, in both the application records the user's route map.

O interval training tracks: as well as circuit training, guide the user in turn intermittent high intensity exercise and recovery, thereby optimizing fitness activity of the user, user focused during exercise.

Smart and simple clock tracking: advanced sensors that automatically senses activity and sleep around the clock, making it easy to track a user's activities all day long. SmartTrack automatic recognition on sports you can easily record user activity every day, activities such as walking, running and the elliptical machine, and so on. Sports reminders encouraging users to remain active throughout the day.

New design, fluid lines: modular design and easy to read four times times the tap sensitivity display Charge HR, enables the user according to their own style through replaceable bracelets and dials customized look while maintaining a smart reminder function connect users with the most need.

"Since I became one competitive athletes yilai, keep health and strong always is I of primary priority matters, I of whole life are around with these target established," Fitbit image Ambassador Gabby Reece said, she while is one athletes, and models, and mother and fitness up people, "Fitbit Charge 2 is a paragraph unique of products, because it for I provides has keep health and strong of tool and guide. Fitbit can not only make me check your heart rate, and really understand your overall health, including physical activity and to further understand their level of aerobic fitness. This new feature can be me maximal oxygen uptake estimated, in my days as a professional athlete, I can only enter the laboratory to know this data. But what really resonated with me is Charge of 2 respiratory training activities, this is what I use to improve their health and stress management one of the most important activities.

No matter where, you can gracefully through the Flex 2 to track daily activities

Fitbit has defined significant sign tracking device Fitbit Flex upgrade for a wearable swimming slim health bracelet, it can be paired with a range of fashion accessories, highlight the user's personal style. Flex 2 has more intelligent movement, without any power to track a user's fitness, provides users with good will incentive and encouragement, help users to remain active throughout the day.

Product features include:

Ultra slim minimalist design: Flex 2 product 30% than before, it comes with a detachable Tracker and can replace the classic slim health bracelet, bracelet with 7 colors, are ideal for when you go to the gym or swimming every day to replace.

High quality accessory options: through the Fitbit designed a series of bracelet and pendant accessory to changing and customizing the Flex 2 so that its style or with user activities complement each other. Users from a range of exquisite luxury, mirror-like polishing the silver stainless steel bracelet, 22 carat gold or rose gold stainless steel bracelet, or elegant cable-silver stainless steel necklace, or selected in 22-carat gold-plated stainless steel necklace, so as to enhance the appearance of the product, and the user's daily life, from the Office to a night out seamlessly.

Can in swimming Shi wearing, automatically track swimming activities: as Fitbit first paragraph can in swimming Shi wearing of hand ring, Flex 2 of waterproof degrees up to 50 meters, regardless of user is in bathing, also is in swimming pool or sea in the, are can in Fitbit application in the automatically records user in swimming pool in the of activities, including movement circle number, and duration and burning of calories number.

Simple to use: to track a user's most important health and fitness data, including:

Automatic tracking function can be selected for oSmartTrack Sports fitness activities (including walking, running, cars, elliptical machines, exercise, aerobic fitness, and swimming).

O exercise reminder can be settled through friendly tips to help users stay active, meet the minimum number of steps per hour goals, reduce the resting time.

O week personalized exercise goal to help users develop coherent daily fitness activities, motivation and morale.

Smart: simple LED display with color coding to use light to express a user's daily goals complete, prompt call and text notification messages to the user.

"Regardless of is in fitness, and class, and rehearsal or do Shi, I are hope can has a paragraph small fashion of equipment, regardless of I wear what of clothes, it are can and I of clothing match," Fitbit image Ambassador Julianne Hough said, she is one dancer, and singer and actor, "Fitbit Flex 2 can help I keep fight, achieved I of health and fitness target. It can even be worn when swimming, so that I can actually record every day I do anything.

Price and release date

Charge 2 and Flex 2 will be held in September and October in the main available for sale online and offline platforms, including Kyoto, suningyi, cat and an Amazon, and suning stores. website price, retailer pricing can change accordingly.

Fitbit Charge 2 (RMB 1158) smart tracking device, offers a black, blue, purple, or blue-green classic fitness band

O classic fitness accessory bracelet, four color options, sold separately (RMB 248)

O luxury high quality leather accessories bracelet, pink, Brown and Indigo optional (RMB 588)

O bronze Special Edition bracelet upcoming (RMB 1388 Yuan)


Fitbit Flex 2 (RMB 798) smart tracking device, offers a black, lavender, pink or Navy Blue Classic fitness band When I look back 2016 years those beautiful Apple

O classic Fitness Accessories bracelets three colors combinations. Pink style (pink, lavender and magenta) and sporty (gray, Navy Blue, and yellow), coming soon (RMB 258)

O bracelet Accessories: gold, rose gold (RMB 798); silver stainless steel (RMB 728)

O pendant Accessories: Gold (RMB 798); silver stainless steel (RMB 668)

Fitness fitbitwatchappapple active swim Speedo

Read from cattle Bo network to hammer

October 8, 2016

"Reading is a portable compact shelter", when a user tweets comments left hammer read Somerset Maugham's words, Li Yan enjoys it. In his view, if the country's most popular news aggregation product doesn't offer this kind of experience, he is in the mood to finish this thing.

Read from cattle Bo network to hammer

On July 3, 2013, Luo Yonghao announced the closure of bullog, when Li Yan was reporter from the blog world, in his opinion, this "represented the end of an era of public speaking", worth wrote. Unfortunately, Luo Yonghao declined to be interviewed.

Topics are not put on hold because of the first character's absence, then interviewed bullog co-founder Ronald Wong Li Yan, and dozens of cattle Bo network author, published the bullog memories, a feeling of growing out.

This article was forwarded on Twitter by Luo Yonghao in nine, can see it every time--if you know reporters such tricky, I wouldn't have declined to be interviewed.

At this point, the two established a post for links, foreshadowing the stage hit it off in two years. For the time being, Li Yan was a "declining" to find a way out, the former reading and just prepare to do a hammer.

The decline of the traditional media is almost the consensus of all, Li Yan is acutely aware there have been tangled. Traces can see is, in the interview with his perfectly, and many writers have discussed the relationship between reading and time:

"All cattle accepted an interview with the blog world bloggers think, (blog end times) does not mean that people no longer need to read long articles. Said Huang Zhangjin, very few articles are of high quality, valuable, but even if only 1% people who took the time to read, both in absolute numbers is a very large group.

This is no doubt another consensus. According to Li Yan said, unable to bear excellent blog content lost in a lot full of junk blog site, Luo Yonghao founded bullog, reading the same also applies to the original intention of a hammer, "clean read the age of information overload is all about the same thing."

But those dedicated to different, Luo Yonghao in addition to leaving "hammer read" beyond the four words, and didn't give Li Yan Express. For a long time, Li Yan think hammer read should look.

If the reading on the phone manufacturer's standard hammer news APP to this dimension, its competitors ' tactics simple and crude, and it works. In the view of Li Yan:

"As a phone company, often do not have a medium strength, so might as well cooperate with headlines like this APP, the advantage is very mature content itself, and does not require technology and copyrights.

In fact, hammer read the beta version of this product. On December 29, 2015, when hammer read the beta version with T2 release, can be understood as a basically a hammer version of ZAKER, has more than more than 1000 sites.

This is the "grab" the results, clearly contrary to the original intention.

So, after some time of operation, hammer read the site from more than more than more than 1000 cuts is more than 100, the fine print at the bottom of the article from "by the ZAKER re-transcoding" essentially replaced "code readable by a hammer".

Content choice is Li Yan and his team, principle to hammer technology is the product of ego orientation and value judgement, of course, also has content licensing. For users, this is a multidimensional problem.

Read from cattle Bo network to hammer

According to Li Yan said, hammer read the release so far, many people have been deeply distressed about the monotony of site classification: why only 6? Why not sports, constellation, the stars of these sections? Hello Kitty iPhone plus case

As the depth of demand sports content, Li Yan understands these demands, on one hand, these demands can be satisfied through other channels. Meanwhile, in sports, for example, which essentially escape coach class, players, results, as well as players to lace these four types of content, and these things happen outside of the orientation.

"But hammer did read sports content? Have. Such as people magazine, jiangjin district of the country after his release, wealth, Chinese emperor of the basketball + business genius: LeBron's perfect life. Physical content in these articles it seems to us to be quite valuable, and we like, which has never been a sports site.

Of course, even the boutique route, no matter is more than more than 100 sites, or section 6 content, Li Yan said is far from enough, but based on this, a high proportion of premium content have been able to meet the daily needs of users.

One night, shuaishouzhanggui suddenly asked Li Yan Luo Yonghao: "hammer read looks good, do you have any difficulty on the job? Do you need my support? "Li Yan:" great, I'll have to think of something.

Hello Kitty iPhone plus case

Actually don't think about it, money is the biggest problem, however, Li Yan, the "construction site here, hammer to read the product form is not needed (to help). "Because change is now in sight, input means a loss. Hello Kitty iPhone plus case

"To be honest, I didn't have the Internet firm's experience, cross-APP, everything harder than I imagined, authorization is one of them. "Li Yan said.

The most obvious difficulty is that for content to two of the most attractive things--money, traffic, hammer read have no advantage. In addition, some sites are rain free:

"Some site belongs to the company itself has its own content platforms, so don't want to do this kind of external authority. And some are simply does not give any aggregation platform, I let the user on my watch, and I believe that my content is good to have been able to achieve distribution, without the need to rely on you.

Results not to transfer the individual will, Li Yan can't think of a better way to solve these problems, this situation is a lot like the cow Bo network, Luo Yonghao in order to improve quality and moved to persuade those high quality blogger platform.

In fact, apart from royalty increases aside, the biggest difference between the two is that reading requires negotiation often is not an individual with a hammer, but agency pros and cons will be more objective. In this regard, Li Yan, accept, and full of hope.

At one point, former colleagues and sign a licensing agreement, he said: "in fact there are other brands and we talked about, if there is such a possibility in the future, we spend the other platform monopoly, only from this line. "Li Yan said:" Yes, we made more money, higher price buys you.

But Li Yan also know that hammer reading that we will not be a user great APP, business is difficult to achieve a high level of achievement, he believes: "the kindness of everyone's committed to reading romance, you may just not know, high quality, interesting, good reading long ago buried in your heart, you are needed.

HIV Blancpain baopoyue phase of the day family Festival

August 27, 2016

Switzerland's leading watch brand, "founder of the classic timepieces" Blancpain Blancpain, 280 birth anniversary, held "master moon phases Renaissance glory--Blancpain baopoyue family Festival" national exhibition activities. The exhibition, all Blancpain Blancpain presents the industry's most extensive and complete the phases of the Moon family watches, heartfelt commemoration of the 1970 "Quartz crisis" eternal faith sticking of mechanical watchmaking tradition, leads the traditional watchmaking industry overall Renaissance masterpieces, and a new stage in the new century, led to the glory, glory and value of show, reiterated, calling traditional. The exhibition staged in cities across the country, for the benefit of all table fan.

Switzerland traditional watchmaking, inexpensive quartz movement dumping global market of the 1970 's is a great memory. This "Quartz crisis", almost all Switzerland watch brands was dramatic impact; the last few centuries the complex functions and representatives of top watchmaking technology for the advancement of elite, because the cuts in production costs in order to fight, and were excluded from the field of mechanical watches. But in any case, mechanical watch production cost will never be the same as quartz watches, this price war on Switzerland mechanical watch industry, is a bitter fight. At this point, has never made a Blancpain Blancpain quartz movement, embrace the eternal religion of mechanical watchmaking, shoulders has a long history of "founder of the classic timepieces" sense, decides to find answers to the dilemma faced by the industry as a whole.

In 1983, Blancpain Blancpain Cal.6395 movement as a touchstone, the calendar moon phase display of profit and loss of complex features that disappeared for a long time, bring back the altar table. Give up the melee with quartz watches in the price, the opposite direction, continue to stick to let the beauty of machinery such as axioms as self-evident--that, Blancpain Blancpain is the answer. Cal.6395 movement, as the smallest in the history of complex movement with calendar moon phase display function of profit and loss, not only reproduce the value of mechanical watchmaking, the world's attention back to the heritage area, all Switzerland watch brands have adhered, as well as lay a complex feature mechanism design model. Since then, Blancpain Blancpain led traditional watchmaking industry on the road to recovery. Years of circulation, for Blancpain Blancpain, the Moon is not only a complex function, it is a heritage of faith and hope. Today, Blancpain Blancpain with sincere attitude and ability to reach, devising a "concealed adjustment device", this based on the watch-wearer's practical considerations of important patents, has developed the industry's most extensive and complete the phases of the Moon family.

Blancpain baopoyue family Festival

The year 1983

Blancpain watch--Cal.6395 baopoyue profit/loss whole calendar months the camera core

Mechanical tabulation times great return

HIV Blancpain baopoyue phase of the day family Festival

Cal.6395 movement may be called in the late 1970 of the 20th century and in the early 80, storm resistance quartz, rehabilitation and revitalization of the litmus test of mechanical watchmaking. As the world's smallest full calendar moon phase watch movement, which laid the design model of complex functional mechanical watch.

Day, month, and date, moon phase display and depict the vivid expression, which was almost forgotten value of mechanical watchmaking to find the continuation of the new direction.

The year 1991

Blancpain Blancpain 1735 ultra-complications watches

HIV Blancpain baopoyue phase of the day family Festival

In 1991, the Blancpain watchmakers to create watches of the most complex in the history of watchmaking "1735", to pay tribute and commemorate the birth of Blancpain, the industry dubbed "table." Collection of mechanical watches of the most complex of six classic features with flag technology with strong roots in astronomy moon phase function.

"Table" King "1735" research and development for six years, limited production of only 30 worldwide, master takes about 1.5 years to complete a watch making, in just 14 mm thick with 744 in parts of the case, in fact, form a major feat. Mystery submarine legend Tudor watch how bodacious

The year 2003

Blancpain Blancpain Villeret series calendar moon phase watch 20 anniversary edition

HIV Blancpain baopoyue phase of the day family Festival

2003 Switzerland Basel timepiece show, Blancpain Blancpain launched two limited edition timepiece--Villeret series calendar moon phase watch 20 anniversary edition, to the 1983 revival and lead Switzerland mechanical watchmaking craft masterpieces in the field of honor. This commemorative watches equipped with Cal.6763 automatic winding movement, with traditional craft fire blued steel screws, flashes bright. Even more surprising is the rotor 18K red gold, and abandon the traditional geometrical shape, with rich new Crescent-shaped design. Hand-carved "Man in the Moon" (Moon man) rotor and engraved with 20 meAnniversaire de la Phase de Lune Blancpain (baopoyue in table 20 anniversary), the watch under the surface of the moon phase display window is also engraved with 1983-2003 's anniversary year. Platinum limited 100 pieces, black dial with hand-decorated Roman hour markers. Red Gold Limited Edition for sale 300, case selection red gold refining, with gleaming silver substrate surface, decoration on red gold Roman hour markers.

The year 2005

Blancpain Blancpain Villeret series ladies ' slim calendar moon phase watch

HIV Blancpain baopoyue phase of the day family Festival

Blancpain Blancpain's ladies ' slim calendar moon phase watch equipped with Cal.5621 movement, perfectly embodies the pinnacle of watchmaking technology and sophisticated technology. 2.91 mm thickness, only 26.2 mm in diameter, are worthy of the world's thinnest calendar mechanical wristwatch. Up to 248 parts ensure timing accuracy and include day, date, month, leap years, and moon phases, such as profit and loss functions. White delicate slender, solid Roman numeral inlays on the three points-with date display, display the moon phase of profit and loss of six points, nine day, 12 points-displays month and leap years. Alligator leather strap fitted with 18K white gold folding clasp. Limited to 20 pieces.

The year 2006

Blancpain Blancpain Le Brassus calendar moon phase when both series watch

HIV Blancpain baopoyue phase of the day family Festival

Blancpain Blancpain Le Brassus series between the perpetual calendar with moon phase watch, under its lugs hide equipped with patented adjusting device. Precious Platinum for shell, was colorful cigar-Brown dial, this limited edition watch 150 watches, is a dream for the most discerning collector's treasures.

The year 2006

Blancpain Blancpain women's series calendar moon phase watch

HIV Blancpain baopoyue phase of the day family Festival

Blancpain Blancpain convinced women are also appreciated the beauty of machinery and technology, extremely focused on quality of various accessories. Slender innovation of Roman numerals set off through the fine geometric correlation. Round mother-of-Pearl Dial with Central, a square pattern of tiny tracks highlights the Moon new logo clearly visible human face. Composition date mother of Pearl shell dial Center Panel, formed by the mother of Pearl, color matches the color around the mother-of-Pearl Dial. Full moon graphics reflect the harmony of soft femininity, as well as a small star-shaped "beauty spot" even more elegant. Alone in the shell on each side diamonds, to foil the refined calendar.

The year 2009

Blancpain Blancpain L-evolution dynamic series of eight-day-long calendar moon phase watch

HIV Blancpain baopoyue phase of the day family Festival

2009 launch of Cal.66R9 on behalf of the movement of another brand new milestone. Launched with a moon phase display function of profit and loss for the first time, the entire calendar moon phase and 8 days power reserve movement entirely Blancpain Blancpain their development, production and Assembly. As a hand-wound mechanical movement Cal.13R0 an improved version, the new Cal.66R9 movements again strengthened the authority of Blancpain Blancpain in the watchmaking industry.

The year 2010

Blancpain Blancpain Villeret modern retro series concealed tuned half calendar moon phase hunting watch

HIV Blancpain baopoyue phase of the day family Festival

Calendar moon phase function, always is the best expression of Villeret series features technology. Blancpain Blancpain special built-in automatic movement (balance wheel frequency: 28,800 beats per hour) with 2 barrels, ensure that the 72-hour power reserve. In order to facilitate adjustment, Blancpain Blancpain also equipped with a new patented adjusting device-is located in the table below the ear. Thus, the watch along the more simple and refreshing. Meanwhile, the wearer without specialized tools, simply use the fingertip gently touches to complete the calibration process.

The year 2010

Blancpain Blancpain 50 fathoms calendar moon phase Flyback chronograph

HIV Blancpain baopoyue phase of the day family Festival

Blancpain 50 fathoms moments of the distribution of the passionate sporty, is most can show all Blancpain Watches diving watches of the legend of King, strong personality, embodied extremes. Inherited baopobiao "tradition of innovation" concept, new force movement of 50 fathoms family Cal.66BF8, a total of 448 parts, moon phase function for the first time into the deep sea. Calendar moon phase functions of this movement, have great technical elements, to ensure smooth operation watch day and night, allow the wearer to adjust the relief anywhere, anytime without compromising stability of watches.

The year 2012

Blancpain Blancpain women's series of eccentric date retrograde moon phase watch

This women's watch equipped with new for 2012 Blancpain Blancpain Cal.2650RL automatic movement, both phases of the Moon, retrograde date display function of profit and loss, watch four different pieces of mother of pearl dial is the perfect build, bezel, Crown and dial the sky background is decorated with gorgeous diamonds, romantic and watchmaking creativity combines one, captured thousands of woman's heart.

The year 2012

Blancpain Blancpain Villeret series Chinese calendar watch

2012 BASELWORLD, Blancpain Blancpain launched the world's first Chinese Almanac tables, using sophisticated watchmaking to pay tribute to the age old tradition. The watch with Cal.3638 new automatic winding movement, using the thousands of years of Chinese to deep-seated timing principle underlines the mystical beauty of Chinese traditional timing. Exquisite timepiece dial layout, hour hand, minute hand and a standard calendar Yue pan, more integration into the timing of important elements in the traditional Chinese calendar, such as 12 hours (24 hours), the lunar new year day, lunar month (combined with a leap month displays), 12 Chinese zodiac year, even elements and the ten heavenly stems. 12 Chinese zodiac signs correspond to the 12 earthly branches, and ten days in order to match, composed of 60 basic units or 60 main, known as the "cycle of 60", constitute the core content of China's traditional culture. Blancpain baopoquan watches an important timing elements in the calendar, moon phase functions of profit and loss is more closely related to the traditional Chinese calendar, the timepiece played an important role in the operation.

The year 2014

Blancpain Blancpain Villeret carrousel series moon phase watch

The Villeret carrousel series moon phase watch Blancpain Blancpain carried 2014 years brand new homemade movement Cal.225L, combines two hallmarks of the brand the legend element carrousel and moon phase display, repeat the 80 's of last century Blancpain Blancpain demeanor led by moon phase watch revival of mechanical watchmaking. Configure siliceous spring movement, has a five-day power reserve, case patented recessed tables on the back of the ear to adjust, so that the wearer can put aside adjustment tool, easy to adjust the date and moon phase display. New watch adhering to the Villeret collection's colorful style: double block slightly hunched form the circle of dome-shaped big fire enamel dial, blued steel snake-like pointer indicates the date of the outer ring of the dial, pierced Willow leaf-shaped, when minute hand sweeps of the elegant Roman numerals on the dial scale. 12 o'clock position with a carrousel White Dial window, perfect card Russell set out the framework of complex mechanical structures, echoes the moon phase display with the 6 o'clock position.

Blancpain Blancpain carrousel moon phase watch with its unique creativity and art, was elected "2014 Haute Time watch of the year".


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Baopoyue Blancpain watch watch movement mechanics series tradition

Wear the trousers slim or thin you came to me

August 21, 2016

Has into autumn, you of wardrobe is also the update some early autumn single products has does, this when Skinny jeans on the debut has, Mom jeans, and boyfriend style and skinny jeans but fashion territories most by pet of three big jeans mainstream, but full retro taste of Mom jeans and main male friends wind feel of boyfriend actually is not for everyone, instead of, this three a ACE pants single products in, Skinny Jeans ... ... D FUSE autumn winter 2016 new product preview

Wear the trousers slim or thin you came to me Wear the trousers slim or thin you came to me

However, Skinny jeans don't you think only black skinny jeans, in fact, it there are different styles and colors on the island as soon as you check this early autumn you into this Skinny jeans!

NO.1/most slim black Skinny jeans

Wear the trousers slim or thin you came to me

Talk about slim, it must say black, black Skinny jeans are pushing life styles and colors, these black trousers are not picking people, do not pick the body, where to find an inclusive so strong? Excuse me!

Wear the trousers slim or thin you came to me

Black Skinny jeans-Joker, absolute conscience items like nobody, ankle-length stylish and capable. These pants almost year-round wear, without worrying about the color of old, don't worry that the body-hugging styles will become obsolete, because black Skinny jeans classic forever, take off the skirt of first choice.

Wear the trousers slim or thin you came to me

This pair of SKinny jeans can Hold sexy, wind can also create easy movement, this is the universal single product has potential, wearing a pair of black Skinny jeans but I don't know when the weapon, can save a lot of money!

Wear the trousers slim or thin you came to me FRAME RMB:1200 in net-a-Porter can buy

FRAME RMB:1200 in net-a-Porter can buy

NO.2/pick is easy to put a unique sense of white Skinny jeans

Wear the trousers slim or thin you came to me

I know, when you see this heading when you may your heart be rejected, but don't worry, you guys are biased against white pants, fashion fine never wearing white Skinny jeans, with a light, white Skinny jeans are more appropriate.

Wear the trousers slim or thin you came to me

White Skinny jeans I can't wear less by fashion bloggers, especially in summer, when the white pants will make you instantly feel fresh and full of small, white pants and some light up items when it is full of cool.

Boyfriend style jeans may wish to choose one, you can hide the leg meat, namely casual and handsome, if you break a few holes would have been more perfect! A nine-point pencil pants goes without saying, is the weapon of longer legs, leg wear it the Visual line was immediately drawn out. Thermal micro-la-jeans fashion this year, but its ratio requirements are also quite tall. If you don't have enough leg slender, thigh and buttock line is also not very slim, so visually it will amplify your legs, look very sturdy.

JOSEPH RMB:1500 JOSEPH official website stores you can buy

NO.3/retro slim to hide belly fat high waist Skinny jeans

Wear out big long leg of secret does, is select a pieces high waist single products, also of, Skinny jeans in the of high waist paragraph is very by girl are sought after of, high waist this design has more magic, believes without Island said too more has's, basically high waist of all single products are can let you is happy of pay, and this high waist of Skinny jeans match this year special fire of cross Department buckle of shirt special looks, main is really of for waist compared wide of girl.

When choosing a high-waist Skinny jeans, need to be aware of is the hip joint, it is very important, because this would be the effect of shape, followed by high waist Skinny jeans must be special, ankle-length must be appropriate.

In M.I.H M.I.H JEANS RMB:1800 JEANS official store you can buy

NO.4/nine cropped Skinny jeans

There is a length, nine points of Skinny jeans was appropriate, because this is actually the least drag, matching ankle boots and high heels or Sneaker especially suitable, nine points on the length is almost to the ankle, revealing ankles to build overall ratio is quite good.

Islands best suggest is high heels with jeans, then choose this nine-point, coupled with the high heels, CEng CEng temperament of the rise.

RAG and BONE RMB:1800 at RAG and BONE official website stores you can buy

NO.5/rags are full of fashionable Skinny jeans

Finally is the Skinny jeans from crop classification, is tattered sense of Skinny jeans, this tattered cut with decadent modern flavours have been fashion's favor.

Tattered and worn for a pair of jeans is very sense of reality shows, a lot of foreign bloggers like "cattle" probably means jeans without washing or directly to DIY their own, feel free to cut it out, or spray paint ideas, pretty cool.

RTA RMB:1700 bought from farfetch

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Jeans slim single black Joseph pants jeans high waist athletic

8 Westies depth Li fashion only a few of her favorite

August 11, 2016

Referring to fashion what celebrity can become a walking fashion trends? That absolute ultimately Li, from debut has, spring spring of clothing products completely line shaped rose, even led with now of trend, if you not understand Li words may think she only interpretation good neutral wind, actually, from she of private servers view can is not to neutral mainly does, sought breakthrough of spring spring always deduction various style, this period we on to see recently she and falls in love with has which? Ramble about the end of May skin care and makeup

8 Westies | depth Li fashion only a few of her favorite!

Yuchun is nothing short of a big favourite, she is always more malleable brand fusion of style and self perfection. Shortly before Li appeared in Beijing big show of Chanel, Tweed piped leather from Chanel2016 fall/winter ready-to-wear Preview series, with series of Tweed pants, echoed, and very tasty.

8 Westies | depth Li fashion only a few of her favorite!

Street leisure-oriented private servers, simple Logo sweater long outside Brown trench coat, handsome Frank, wacky horns hats to show Chris playful innocence.

8 Westies | depth Li fashion only a few of her favorite!

If you think she is cool to be cool aunt? That's wrong!

8 Westies | depth Li fashion only a few of her favorite!

Amazing Chris control the ghost horse real animal sweaters look, choose to go its own way not matching models with skirts, wearing crisp white pants, Yes, that's the real Li.

8 Westies | depth Li fashion only a few of her favorite!

Of course no shortage of fine accessories to decorate.

8 Westies | depth Li fashion only a few of her favorite!

When the craze for following little white shoes, Chris has quietly put on new, popular little white shoes this year is to have a pattern.

Li Yuchun in Gucci fall/winter 2016

Li Yuchun in Gucci fall/winter 2016

Gucci 2017 spring show in London this year, Li was the only one invited guest China well, she certainly won't let you down with a set of vintage Duchess turned up, very pleasantly surprised.

8 Westies | depth Li fashion only a few of her favorite!

Chris now Gucci fans on, during the Cannes, is a handsome jacket body.

8 Westies | depth Li fashion only a few of her favorite!

Attended the event, blue piped suit decorated with tiny feet black pants, the able temperament.

Li Yuchun in early autumn Gucci 2016 series

Exquisite embroidered denim jacket matched with Plaid pants, as if in title "I have a childlike young artists".

This very fine smooth white suit with present Super fire Pearl shoes, white-headed, also don't forget small details.

Pearl two-finger ring worn rivets and bee pendant, perfect model wear a lift.

Must also be a cool style of the concert! Eye-catching printed satin suit has kind of mode. And the style of Gucci and now really is seamless.

Yuchun is a green sports suit appeared at London Airport, classic red with black stripes and green mix is very eye-catching, Indian coral snake people love the legs, do you like the onion?

Li Yuchun in early autumn Givenchy 2016 series

Chris Super suit this suit shapes, dark fringe long black suit inside take sexy lace suspenders, and beautiful and handsome.

Of course, the most notable and this pair of shoes, unveiled to the public for the first time of this double "CL Sneaker". This pair of white sneakers read WHY ME and Chris Lee. Is specifically for Givenchy designer Li makes debut the observance of the Decade.

Li Yuchun in Gucci autumn 2015 series recording the burn boy!

Li Yuchun in Gucci autumn 2015 series recording the burn boy!

Li Yuchun sing on stage in men's Gucci spring/summer 2016

Seeing so much, your onion shuaiyipin is not a straight line rising? Girls deer hit it!

Liyuchunchunchun along with fashionable favorite Gucci series trends popular

Street photography Shendiao xialv The couple wear enough of my chic n poems

August 8, 2016

When it comes to celebrity couple in the suit you will think of socialite Olivia Palermo and her husband Johannes Hueb. But the real Street best known for couples is Patricia Manfield and Giotto Calendoli. Photographers shoot street photography lovers is that they love.

Street photography Shendiao xialv! The couple wear enough of my chic n poems Street photography Shendiao xialv! The couple wear enough of my chic n poems

Fashion blogger Patricia Manfield was born in Moscow in 1992, she has delicate features with a different style.

Due to polymerization of childhood living in a multi-ethnic family of musicians, Patricia formed the optimist's warm personality.

Street photography Shendiao xialv! The couple wear enough of my chic n poems

Usual styles are varied, especially bright colors.

Street photography Shendiao xialv! The couple wear enough of my chic n poems

While Giotto Calendoli Mararo Milan brand designers, but also the men apart from Zhou Xiu Jie beat reds. Face value a little bit higher playing God, but the height above sea level is not dominant.

Street photography Shendiao xialv! The couple wear enough of my chic n poems

Giotto Calendoli have their worn upon skills make him a lot of men dressed models.

Street photography Shendiao xialv! The couple wear enough of my chic n poems

Of course, the two men but also a few of the most famous "show the love". Especially when it searching Street, you will find the photo two people forever more than individual street.

Street photography Shendiao xialv! The couple wear enough of my chic n poems

They often work with two people, meimei along beautiful, sweet interactive will warm to it.

Their Union was not just that sentence, "you may not be the world's most beautiful and handsome, but with my suit"?

Is the primary couple match without brains, or a super God of burning brain-level match, all the couples match rules are almost always can find within them.

So~ lovers wanted to dress well, they couple is enough!

Lovers wear take Cheats: the same items

This is actually nothing the technical content, basically when you see something like clothes, buy a large size for a boyfriend is ... ... With no boyfriend can wear Size, then went to Amoy is similar.

Lovers wear lift tips II: the same color

This can be considered a "dumb" wearing one of the ride. Simply from your wardrobe out of the closet with my boyfriend the same color clothes,

Or discuss with her boyfriend "what color I wear tomorrow? "And as long as the style is not much worn out absolutely can match a face.

Of course not quite the same, large areas of a single product can be the same color.

Put cheats three lovers wear: style

This look is harder than the above two, in fact, has no difficulty where ~ deal tomorrow with my boyfriend to wear take the theme can be.

For example: "Bohemian cowboy style of clothes we wear tomorrow!

"Do you have a tailor able clothes, wear tomorrow!

"" The savage tribes "how?

"Hey!" Hani ~ tomorrow we all have to clean it!

You see, in fact, style that is not difficult to learn, is in the two people to wear take the understanding of knowledge.

Otherwise who knows what "futuristic", what is "vintage resurgence"?

Put cheats lovers wear IV: details echo

Details are echoed in two points:

One is their clothes always nuances finding similarities. Summer these things live Blogger recommended items

For example, the following master's vest and mistress dress

Another is echoing the dress habits details.

Both like wearing coats, draped with ~ wear a powerful aura with a face.

Should match the article here: big brother and big brother women

Lovers wear take the secret five: nothing can match a face

This couple wearing took the highest number of segments, from style to style color to the cut to no one at the same place, but they are still able to wear so perfectly ~

Just like practice to the tenth floor of the nine Yin white bone claw, seemed, but lethal, very strong. I look good,

Others described them as words, called "resonates on the pair were soul, into the bone.

Besides lovers wear on their practice to the point where I and other people difficult to match.

Even show their affection is also difficult to change patterns ~

For example, leave you a figure, small hands little hands one to wallow in the way the two of us, super sweet ~

Or head back, expressed that they don't know someone's having lost ~

"What's this? Taking us!?

But you seem to love so conspicuous, is not photographed well ~

Snog can play like that Oh, and then felt that he hadn't been in love

Just @ the boyfriend, this must be Favorites playing a year!

There is more interesting than that:

Like spoiled brat beat their chests, there is little emotion ~

Bad surprise ~ "Hey!" Touch where?

Princess and boyfriend Max hold! What girl doesn't love?

Most rare but life met the right people,

If you just met him in the vast sea of (her) ~

So let us fashion to old bar ~

Couple wear take street photography lovers fashion Shendiao xialv Tanabata color dress

Sweet girl private lift

August 2, 2016

Hello~ I was Jessie Daniel ~

Daniel blog:

Danny into the micro-blog:

Sweet girl private lift

White summer dress is my wardrobe essential fashion with a single product ~

Soft skin of quality organza fabric, after upper body feel full!

Off the shoulder sleeves design sweet GIRL but as essential elements of fashion, Oh

Sweet girl private lift

That day I was in the shop with three beautiful girls,

Was going to go home the same day, the result is dragging a suitcase out ~

(*^__^*) To Sanya to play in last year's trolley ~ look good?

Sweet girl private lift Sweet girl private lift

Skirt pattern made him look like!

Sweet girl private lift Sweet girl private lift Sweet girl private lift Sweet girl private lift

Outside of a sleeve design apart from the bare shoulder of this element, and trumpet sleeves set design ~

Small details also underscore a sweet fan!

Sweet girl private lift

Second match

Summer shorts are most common, easy to mix cool and refreshing,

To show slender leg, and convenient,

Won't wear a skirt like that at home, people always in a State of graceful slow motion.

Shorts still more convenient, so restless in the summer season, is most suitable for high waisted jeans or shorts.

Love the waist bow design ~

Hee hee, I am the bow of a mad control!

Many body hot MM must be staggered because of the bulging belly,

A high waist jeans fit for you can be very high solve this trouble,

This band elastic high waist jeans, skin ~

Can then wrap a good little belly, have good belly function!

Ultimate high waist design, fitting waist-hip pants designed to highlight women's graceful s-curve ~

Jacket sleeve was layer upon layer of agaric design, sweet dress up one of the elements!

Summer without a touch of blue,

People on the streets seemed to have a preference for blue,

Street add refreshing sea-blue dress always missed.

Have to say that Guangzhou is really hot in the summer and the dead ~

Just thaw out for going to feel

Summer clothes in the colors of choice I choose light colors or looks feels cool tones,

Like the slightly European wind but yet cute doll show irregular chiffon suit!

Coat loose ~ haha, on a hot summer day is one of my favorites ~ you know drop!

Back pain when accidentally photographed! HA HA HA ~

A joke ~

A beautiful woman, no longer scared and sad,

No Kingdom colors, no little talent,

Just pour all the guests towards the life I want to live.

Always white with yellow color,

This summer because of the yellow becomes more vibrant up ~

With changing the prevailing element, bright yellow became a prevalent element in the fall,

Bright color convey a positive energy. Not only can give you good mood to light the Sun,

Most pop scenery can turn you into the crowd, in the season of romantic interpretation of romantic feelings.

A beautiful woman, I am what I am, is not the same color as the Fireworks! Haha ~

Shirt is a cotton material, is very light and comfortable, also through ~

Sweet girl designs private high waist shorts sleeve summer New York fashion week makeup review

Switzerland Mido Big Ben designer limited edition watch listing announcement

July 30, 2016

(July 29, 2016, Shanghai) Switzerland Mido "Big Ben" designer limited edition Watch-listed hongyi Plaza Nanjing East Road in the press conference was held, to everyone's looking forward to for a long time, "Big Ben" designer limited edition Watch has finally appeared in front of the world. The table designs inspired by the world famous buildings-United Kingdom London's Big Ben, is already hanging foot clock appetite haven't went on sale. Switzerland Mido has special "decrypt Big Ben" online appointment and appreciation for the briefing was preheating, and received in the social media users, and many consumer brands and beauty lovers have to participate in the online activity, only to take the lead, led a "table" is extraordinary. "Big Ben" Conference for the listing designer limited edition watches the atmosphere is warm extraordinary, appreciation of architecture experts, watch experts, and media friends from all walks of life gathered in one, just for a glimpse of the limited edition, unique style wrist timepieces share.

"Big Ben" designer limited edition watches, with "circle" idea Mido watch key players "rounded", embedded in the Big Ben of "squares". While, wrist table of appearance design more at reference has big this Bell of new brother special type building style: table circle as the big this Bell of round dial, and square of table shell is let people joint thought this clock tower and Bell surface of four a edges, in table shell back each angle Shang of screws, is draw has big this Bell Bell surface around of four leaves grass pattern. "Big Ben" designer limited edition watch with a Gothic Roman numeral "4", recreates the classic Big Ben style of font styles. In addition, the case between the bezel and black coated hollow is the clock tower of cantilevered design pays homage to the famous clock tower of clever design details. Rich and has a layered design style; architectural charm, the precise elements to capture the heart of unique watches, enduring Grand architectural forms, confirms the historical cycle of time, between the wrist shows fine and sound art.

Activities site, by United Kingdom guards ceremonial type and sand painting performances opened "big this Bell" designer limited paragraph wrist table of listed celebration prelude Hou, beauty degrees guest Taiwan well-known architects-Wang Pingzhong Mr, and watches tour since media platform founder-Bai Yingze Mr, respectively from building Visual angle and wrist table aesthetics field on "big this Bell" designer limited paragraph wrist table for has in-depth of interpretation. In the view of Mr Wang Pingzhong, aesthetics of literature, history, including the watch itself is inextricably linked with architecture and construction as part of the applied arts is the greater integration of the art itself. "Big Ben" designer limited edition watch is characteristic of Gothic architecture is the Spire Tower, square window and the stained-glass Windows depicting Biblical stories and other elements, perfectly integrated into the wrist seals through watch wave Visual aesthetics of Medieval Gothic architecture was sublime and more like a show. Mr Bai Yingze watch appreciation and research for decades, he believes that "Big Ben" designer limited edition watches at the design level combines two geometry is not easy, but also in terms of movement to keep Switzerland-certified Movement Caliber 80, also showcase beauty of traditional watchmaking insisted. He also pointed out that the watch brand of the now widely accepted by consumers, mostly thanks to its classic design and easy for the public to accept the art of genes. "Big Ben" designer limited edition watch is fit to classic and retro tribute watch aesthetic trends, believes will appeal to many fashion and the sense of consumer attention.

In the Conference for the listing to end, guest, who came to power starting system, opened a "Big Ben" designer limited edition watch mystery, the atmosphere was an instant climax. Just as Switzerland Ms Mido China Vice President Wang said in a media interview: beauty brand has always been "inspired by building" brand, and the "Big Ben" designer limited edition watch is best associated with the construction of the brand show. Both in terms of design style, or from the watchmaking, Mido wants Switzerland heritage new ideas to communicate to the public, and more designer watches, to provide personalized choices.

Switzerland Mido Big Ben "Big Ben" designer limited edition watch [model: M0287082303100] Women buy tables tables that don t know too much

Mido Caliber movement 80 long kinetic energy storage-certified automatic mechanical movement (ETA C07.621), 11 ', 25.60 mm diameter, thickness 5.22 mm,25 drill, 21,600 swing/hour. Uncompromising attention to detail of the movement is decorated with blue screw, automatic rotor carved Big Ben clock designs and MIDO logo. Minutes date week shows. Kinetic energy of up to a maximum of 80 hours of storage.

Table shell Mercerized polished 316L stainless steel PVD plating rose gold table shell, polishing table circle, diameter 42 mm;4 part composition, edge and table shell back of screws for Mercerized polished 316L stainless steel PVD plating smoke ash, surface and table shell back end of are for Sapphire mirror, spiral Hou cover, transparent Sapphire back end of can observation carved of movement, engraved limited version XXX-500 and the serial number, waterproof depth 100 meters.

Strap Mercerized grinding and polishing 316L stainless steel strap and folding clasp in rose gold plating.

Mercerized Polish Central dial silver Sun patterns, silk glossy polished black scale, local decorated with Super-LumiNova white night also legible, date window at the 3 o'clock position and the week.

Pointer black faceted hour and minute hands decorated with Super-LumiNova white, also clearly readable at night, as well as second hand Diamond cut.

Watch Big Ben design designers limit construction limit Mido press conference

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