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Who says single dog cannot be Valentine Playing home so wonderful

The annual "abused dog day" to hit, every Valentine's day walking down the street a couple show their affection, how can you say it let alone dog live? Have to stay home to avoid the bloody all over myself! Who says at home lonely cold? Take a look at this guide, you still play good at home.

Who says single dog cannot be Valentine? Playing home so wonderful

1. how to separate for a romantic candlelit dinner?

Refer to "candlelight dinner" it's four words when you inexplicably think it must be a man and a woman are to eat dinner, for lonely singles would think about it for a dog. But editors who are single you to enjoy a delicious Valentine's Day dinner by candlelight!

Who says single dog cannot be Valentine? Playing home so wonderful

Decorate bigger high style dining table

Wants to create a mood of romantic candlelight dinner, the table layout is particularly important, how can we reflect the mood? Let the editing step by step guide you!

Who says single dog cannot be Valentine? Playing home so wonderful

Are said to be "candle" dinner, and so must have candle! You can find home under blackout with candles to regulate mood.

Who says single dog cannot be Valentine? Playing home so wonderful

If you intend to create an atmosphere more bigger, then you can try this. With a beautiful glass to hold candles, look on the tall.

Who says single dog cannot be Valentine? Playing home so wonderful

Second step is to prepare a simple fashion napkin! In preparing for napkins requires a careful, don't grab a cloth instead Oh!

Who says single dog cannot be Valentine? Playing home so wonderful

If you do not have when ornaments to adorn napkin, you can finger the napkin is folded out a nice look to it! I m your little power phone premiere Yang Dong

Who says single dog cannot be Valentine? Playing home so wonderful

Delicious gourmet meal recipes recommended

When the mood of the table is ready, prepare our dinner on the following play "gourmet."

Who says single dog cannot be Valentine? Playing home so wonderful

A person eat a sumptuous Chinese food waste, after all, can't finish than a steak, both on your dinner look tall, you can also control the number of ingredients, which is very convenient.

Who says single dog cannot be Valentine? Playing home so wonderful

Making steak is simple! First is to use black pepper, salt and cooking wine marinated steak, and tapped for more tasty steaks.

Fry the steak into the Pan, you can fry a steak based on personal taste.

Before the steak fry pan, then brush some butter on on steak to taste.

Then, at the top and sprinkle with vanilla to Titian at the end.

Down next to the prepared steak side dish, choose a few seasonal vegetables to make a simple salad.

Must pay attention to when the last plate steak place, wipe off the excess sauce around the set after done!

Pretended to be spent with partner skills

Pretend to have the other half with her for a romantic candlelit dinner, of course, must be in your circle of friends show it to just go! But here's the thing: where to find the other half? In fact you can complete one photo shoot, as long as you pretend to be the other half right!


Featured artifact "phone camera tripod"

First in the completion of the first shot, you need to own a cell phone tripod, best is you can adjust the height of the kind to help after the shooting needs.

Ready, you can start shooting, like it! Put the tripod in opposite to you, put a very candid poses randomly like OK.

Skills II

Featured artifact "mobile camera"

Wanted to shoot and the other half lingering feeling so please bring along a camera, so amazing you can point out what you want to feel well!

Like this, a song with a self-timer to Fed action is definitely God restored a couple flirting tips.


Featured artifact "mirror"

Now you must be wondering why editors let you prepare a mirror! High skills, you can learn Oh!

Like this, ready and beverages of the mirror, mirror mirror creates two people there, and then prepared their cell phones down perfect interpretation of the "I have a significant other! "The illusion.

Tip # 4

Featured artifact "mobile phone"

This last skill but energetic! Only need phone just go Oh!

Mobile Internet users to find a photo similar to candid camera and the other half, coupled with a text, properly completed make people feel that you are no longer a single dog now!

"A single dog" theme party

When you select a theme party, you are a lonely man, you long for someone to accompany you on the inside. Since it is a party, then you need to get some DIY skills to the party line.

Method one: regulating climate decorations DIY

In pursuit of atmosphere, some decorative pendant is a party are very common, and make up is not that complicated, and most importantly, also creates a romantic atmosphere.

Balloons for the party is the most convenient and simple decoration, gently swinging in the air, adds a little smart.

Blow up the balloon, ready for the gold paint and brushes.

Golden pigment mix, with optional gold paint decorated in balloons.

Such a decoration is done! Your 351 clusters of them in the corner, play the role of ornament.

Method two: desk collection is important

Need to decorate around, the same desktop needs, some small details can render the whole effect of the desktop display.

Can be desktop or short Cabinet put this simple vase, seems very simple but it is sufficient to add some taste. Production method is also very simple, found on the outer wall of glass in transparent with coloured tape wrapped several times to create a pattern of the effects, then insert your favorite flowers, this is done.

Method three: lighting effects lit party

How to make party high up? Lighting is one of the most important things, you probably don't have much budget rent a very good site, but you can DIY your own feeling of light that you want to.

Party must be a dance floor, if there is no disco light balls that are very interesting. So~ you can do a fun hands-on, first going to a ball, attach a silver reflective spheres around the paper, reflective paper to make rectangular strips, even stick it on, light on it then we can build a light ball effect.

At bulingbuling with this thing put in light the outside of the ball, so light will shine with them.

Outside of the making light balls must be plastered or lighting effects will weaken it looks nondescript.

One movie

Valentine's day couples went out to dinner to buy flowers having sex gun, this is usually some foreplay before going to the movies, could finish half will lose without self dies irae, single dog is definitely not stupid enough to go to the theater for child abuse, so a person staying at home watching movies most harm-reduction. When it comes to Valentine's day movie really suitable for single dog is not, editors will give you some inspiration today.

Movie recommendation 1: the lost lover (Gone Girl)

For people who haven't read it, you should enjoy this movie. Probably is about a top green pool + Biao of the woman's story, basically destroyed the desire of all men. Look and you might find a single really good!

Movie recommendation 2: the side effects (Side Effects)

Just hearing the name you probably guessed it, the plot is about a beautiful woman become man's nightmare, what do you mean it's not a side effect? But with the lost lover of women compared to only small, but enough people to build a dream.

Movie recommendation 3: Blue Valentine (Blue Valentine)

Story about passionate love fade, you have to understand that love is not always so good, it can bring you as much joy as the same can cost you a lot of harm. So how can you know that singles are not the best choice?

Movie recommendation 4: he's just not that into you (He's Just Not That Into You)

Can give a simple overview to polyamory, in other words good luck full House. When several women fall in love with a man, you the annoying when men give it up for their own small circle when you explain yourself, he's just not that into you.

Movie recommendation 5: the 500 days of summer (500 Days of Summer)

After watching this movie you will be able to relax a bit, because no one is destined to only half of another person. While you enjoy the present single is in bold and start looking for new relationships spark.

Family KTV singing

Said singing is a form of emotional release, instead of watching someone else where to kiss me I might as well sing good. But outside the KTV find sins? Of course not, stay home also sang for hours on end.

"Migu music-karaoke"

Recommended reasons: adapter models also support speech song, vocal score, the work features such as save, personalized ring tones made. There are hundreds of songs can make you happy.

"Karaoke King"

Recommended reasons: the song with his mobile phone, in addition can be used like KTV pinyin input method to search for the song, which is very convenient.

"Sounds of karaoke"

Recommended reasons: unique music MV, KTV rooms seem to you moved back home.

Of course, the singing is so monotonous and not feeling full KTV, than in a cup of tasty cocktails to add fun to your time at karaoke bar!

"Strawberry Chamomile Paloma cocktail"

Watch this cocktail was almost Valentine's day of that lonely one behind you have! Compact combination of Chamomile fresh red strawberries are beautiful.

1. pick up some fresh strawberries, picked the top leaves, washed and cut into small pieces aside for later use.

2. Chamomile stem remove all the leaves and long stems cut off, leaving a small part.

3. parts Chamomile and strawberries in the Blender, pour into Paloma cocktail, mix well.

4. stir mixture into a Cup, and then at the top and sprinkle with some Chamomile. If you want to taste better, you can add some strawberries or whole strawberries.

Home "fitness"

Many couples on Valentine's day would choose to go to the hotel "fitness", which needless to say than the meaning of it! So far as the single dog at home can "exercise!" BTW, tired or his practice could make this pain earlier article, so why not?

Equipment training

Method one: dumbbell exercise

This is a good method for men can build your biceps, and for women can be their Goodbye meat away as soon as possible!

Method two: stretch rope training

Such movement can better train their coordination and strength. Don't look down on a rope, he could fully mobilize your body's muscle power.

You can start from the most basic, to contact side forces.

When you're after a very skilled master stretched rope, or you can try the site to practice, more productive for slimming.

Training without instruments

Method one: Chair Yoga

For most white-collar workers are the neck and waist training for ten minutes, the Chair can do yoga at home, exercise 15-20 minutes a day can improve your health.

Method two: wall training

This is the simplest form of training, you only need to find a wall to fully mobilize every muscle in the body, not only can enhance coordination, can also thin Oh!

Give yourself the gift of

Valentine's day lovers always exchange gifts with each other, and no lover of what would you do? Better to yourself to buy a gift to comfort yourself!

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Wind holds the thoughts and ideas, represents the logical capacity and responsiveness, character is filled with more color and heat, these people like freedom, have very good communication and interpersonal skills, belonging to the "brothers" type. Because the air sign people like making friends, staff very good.

Lange for the air element of people double-color eye shadow is definitely give yourself the gift of choice. This single product is a dual color, brightly-colored eyes. Unique square design: extended double color lip balm square bevel cutting, main and auxiliary tones perfect proportions. A, create a gradient eye makeup.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire to the energetic and fierce passion, even their own Valentine's day won't waste every second, so even before they go to sleep they would race against time for yourself to enjoy, such as apply a mask for yourself, or as red wine.

Apply mask at night this Fu Lei poems black plastic yan sleep mask is very suitable. This item nourish the repair formula effectively firming the skin, facial contours even more delicate. The careful deployment of the mask can be applied all night, not only promote the skin's natural repair process of the night, more the next morning the skin more youthful compact.

Water signs: cancer, Scorpio, PISCES

This type of Libra's gentle, delicate feelings, insights on things is very strong, intuition is also very sensitive. What do these people do not have the ups and downs of mind, just quietly spent Valentine's day OK!

Plain people send their gifts like this would be more appropriate to themselves, this Lange zhimei firming intensive facial treatment Skin Rebirth behind revitalizing essence ingredients, into the natural fermentation of biological fiber materials, 3D clipping, close fitting face.

(This article has all of the pictures from the network)

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Valentine's day featured single dog steak single mobile party decorating mask

Fashion Lei Mu Nicki Minaj to overtake Lady Gaga

Fashion Lei Mu Nicki Minaj to overtake Lady Gaga

Nicki minaj (Nicki Minaj) was a United States rare female rapper, and singing more than she was her Maverick style. Nicki Minaj dress full of courage, style towards Lei Mu Lady Gaga.Always in fashion after mine-no shortage of blog attention, every time we almost all of Europe and the stars can be seen in the worst of her, but it was hideous, she again and dress up, let her attention more and more. Nicki minaj (Nicki Minaj) ice blue dyed his hair, put on a fun doll dress, body covered with ornaments.

Fashion Lei Mu Nicki Minaj to overtake Lady Gaga

2011 lingerie Victoria's secret angels on the runway, Nicki minaj (Nicki Minaj) selection is a super cute heart stage outfits and pink hair appearance.

Fashion Lei Mu Nicki Minaj to overtake Lady Gaga

Female rapper Nicki minaj (Nicki Minaj) out of shape always attract attention at a time, we seem to be for this model a bit fed up, neon-colored hair, Super ill-fitting clothes.

Fashion Lei Mu Nicki Minaj to overtake Lady Gaga

Nicki minaj (Nicki Minaj) this dress is conservative, but pink leggings with black bud stockings blonde really scary especially the Rainbow jump.

Fashion Lei Mu Nicki Minaj to overtake Lady Gaga

Nicki minaj (Nicki Minaj) dressed in a neon-colored zebra-striped stage outfits, and our first choice is a red on black cotton candy hair.

Fashion Lei Mu Nicki Minaj to overtake Lady Gaga

Nicki minaj (Nicki Minaj) loves playing tricks on the hair, ice cream hair colour with a pink bow, particularly in the garment absolutely suck-eye effect.

Fashion Lei Mu Nicki Minaj to overtake Lady Gaga

Nicki minaj (Nicki Minaj) clothes look like colorful beads embedded into, and pants also green trousers, body color.

Fashion Lei Mu Nicki Minaj to overtake Lady Gaga

Nicki minaj (Nicki Minaj) chose a purple Ballet dress pink rain boots, with a curly hair, her extraordinarily high profile on the red carpet.

Fashion Lei Mu Nicki Minaj to overtake Lady Gaga

Nicki minaj (Nicki Minaj) not only wearing a light blue Leotard, pants to the side decorated with sequin designs, pink hair for her only ray to describe her.

Nicki minaj on stage (Nicki Minaj) is still wearing a rainbow-colored stage outfit, pink cotton candy.

Nicki Minaj was wearing a one-piece bright pink tights and pink cotton candy hair appeared on the streets of London Studio, this is a street Cosplay show! Tang Yan beauty cool only because wearing shoes

The printing of the Galaxy, there is a similar hollow fake milk more eye-popping, Ray's more level.

Nicki is clearly carrying out mine-dead good-looking lines, colorful hair, pink red Legging matches a pair of open-toe high heels boots would tell people I was a new generation of Lei Mu.

Metal trunk, around the skirt of a solid body, gorgeous shrimp color, go with NICKI on skin, dyed green hair half, there is a style of lobsters from the ocean Princess!

Female rapper Nicki Minaj is she famous fake show up to play, just eyebrows, seem to have no bottom mine pour a ... svbxs DL{margin:12px;min-height:336px}

Nashinijiminashi gagalady fashion rappers pink hair

YOKA dialogue remain perfect forever President of Omega

Just past the Basel watch fair came to an end amid the cheers. But the world knows, belong to the Omega 2012 has only just begun. London Olympics by Omega as one of global prosperity this year once again played all games time and task of data processing, in the face of this special year, Mr Urquhart, President of Omega exclusive dialogue YOKA fashion network, story of the Omega brand road and back.

Mr Urquhart, President of Omega

Mr Urquhart, President of Omega

2012 Omega BASELWORLD stand

2012 Omega BASELWORLD stand

YOKA: in the past year, Omega's sales in China? In the market, you have a very rich experience, watch big names began to seize the Chinese market now, where do you think the characteristics and advantages of Omega?

Mr Urquhart: in 2011, Omega continued to maintain market leadership in China Watch, not only that, in fact, also saw an increase in our market share. Omega had entered China as early as a century ago, China enjoys very high popularity, and this is our strength. We always strive for excellence, is committed to creating best watches. This means that when a knowledgeable Chinese consumers to come into our store, will still be what they see what's impressed by the excellent quality. China consumer interest continues to grow of the mechanical watch, Omega co-axial calibre to stimulate their enthusiasm, the market response is very positive.

Omega shop activity in China

Omega shop activity in China

YOKA: according to your understanding of people, do you think that Chinese like to table and others: what's the difference? Horses of Pentium noble aura Zodiac table to open

Mr Urquhart: Omega global products strategy and marketing strategy, so while we may see some omega watches in some markets are more popular than other markets, but we are not going to differentiate between markets. We note that in recent years, more and more Chinese consumers to our product knowledge most of them will arrive to do some homework on the Internet, and then with a wealth of knowledge to our omega watches store. All along, the taste of the customer base is very valuable for Omega--they know we watch more, would be more likely to buy them.

Nicole Kidman attended the meeting in Beijing of the Ladymatic global launch event

Nicole Kidman attended the meeting in Beijing of the Ladymatic global launch event

Nicole Kidman hold hands, Mr Urquhart, President of Omega

Nicole Kidman hold hands, Mr Urquhart, President of Omega

YOKA: because the effectiveness of the network, there are many luxury brands and high-end media cooperation to create different "fashion publishing" in Omega the following communications plan together high-end portal site correct? How do you feel about media publicity traits?

Mr Urquhart: digital media plays an important role in our campaign, we will be at the official Web site and social media provide real-time online support for our publishing activities. However, that can only be described as our site launch event supplements. In my own experience, nothing can take the place of the body at the launch site of the thrill and excitement, because you can see the new products.

2010 us Nicole Kidman Ladymatic global launch event in Beijing, is a good example. On our website and all the social media, posted carefully clip event video, the effect is very good. Although it presents a unusual day in the city, but watch the video will never be able to replicate real-world field experience. However, undeniably, digital and online media provides us with the opportunity to spread a large amount of information in real time, is an important part of our marketing strategy.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch Ceragold

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch Ceragold

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch Ceragold

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch Ceragold

YOKA: Omega this year, what are the most important new product launch

Mr Urquhart: I will give you a brief overview of the focus of this year's omega watches. 2012 table of Basel Exhibition, Omega four-shot series has an extraordinary tour de force. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch Ceragold is one of them, the ceramic bezel with a 18K red gold numbers and scale the process of combining two materials in the watch and jewellery show in Basel debut. Seamaster Aqua Terra is equipped with brand new w/GMT GMT Watches Omega co-axial calibre.

Another new coaxial movement to Sunday calendar of constellation, the Omega co-axial movement-producing one of the most important members of the family. We have also launched a disc fly series Chronograph, carry 9300/9301 co-axial movement. The table realized the disc fly series classic look with the perfect combination of excellent timing.

Omega Watches into space 50 special super series

Omega Watches into space 50 special super series

Spacemaster Omega Z-33 watch

Spacemaster Omega Z-33 watch

This year, we commemorate the first omega watches into space 50 special Super Series "the first Omega into space" chronograph version number. Another Super Series racing chronograph is worn to those who, in the first space of trust before they watch Omega chronograph racing and rally drivers pay tribute to this model equipped with the new Omega 3330 co-axial movement.

We also released the Spacemaster Omega Z-33 watch, this table highlights the number of pilots customized digital features.

Seahorse 1948 coaxial "London 2012" limited edition watch

Seahorse 1948 coaxial "London 2012" limited edition watch

Seahorse 1948 coaxial "London 2012" limited edition watch

YOKA: in 2012 the "sport year", Omega will have any new moves?

Mr Urquhart: first, of course, is the Omega timekeeping and data processing work. And 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, we are responsible for the 2012 London Olympics of all time--it was the 25th time to undertake this important task. Some projects included in Trafalgar Square and Greenwich countdown clock and a number of television and print media events of the Olympic Games. In addition, we produced a Seamaster 1948 coaxial "London 2012" limited edition watch, adhering to a design first published in 1948, Seamaster Omega automatic watch, which happens to be the last session of the year at the time of the London Olympics, Omega also served as timekeeper.

Omega Ladymatic female form spokesperson Nicole Kidman

Omega Ladymatic female form

Red gold case and bracelet, bezel set with diamonds, white mother of Pearl Dial

YOKA: new women in the workplace, if you purchased the first Omega, your recommendations are? Reason?

Mr Urquhart: Omega Ladymatic female form I had mentioned before, I think it's the ideal watch choice for women in the workplace. Ladymatic female 34 mm polished case, original decorative ceramics is located in the outer ring of corrugated inner loop between case subjects. Just like the name of these semi-fermented connotations, this female form series timeless elegant design and perfect blend of Omega's ground-breaking technology. With co-axial escapement technology and highlight the unique charm of the new female Ladymatic watches series, learn the essence of the 50 's of the last century, and new tempered an upgrade, the perfect presents to the new era of women with great taste in the new century.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch Ceragold

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch Ceragold

YOKA: in this exhibition of works, whether individuals or colognes work?

Mr Urquhart: the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ceragold watch, Hong Jin diving bezel 18K scale and numbers, and ceramic base combines this remarkable timepiece is undoubtedly the Basel tables show this year's most talked-about new products. Ceramic material and the seamless combination of red and gold to produce a world's first, the effect is stunning.

This table uses 45.50 mm 18K red gold case, with black leather strap, carrying a 9300 Omega co-axial chronograph. There is no doubt that this is a perfect watch personal style and taste. Meanwhile, as a combination of important new material and excellent new coaxial technology brand watches, it also has a special significance for Omega.

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President of omega watches Yoka series perfect Aqua hippocampal activity

Breitling launches the world s first five year warranty service

With effect from January 1, 2012, Breitling (Breitling) created a high-end watch long after the first in customer service, take the lead in the global launch of a five-year warranty.

As Switzerland among the top three independent watchmakers, Breitling chronograph has been manufacturing the world's best mechanical concept, and always insist on providing top quality customer service. Where to buy carrying homemade chronograph Breitling watch's customers can enjoy this service.

Breitling is now with 01, 02, 04, 05, a total of four homemade movement

Breitling is now with 01, 02, 04, 05, a total of four homemade movement.

In 2009, Breitling to 100% self-01 movement among the few independent production self-winding mechanical movement of the top ranks of the watch brand. 01 calibre research and development, not only in order to ensure long-term independence, is Breitling following "professional wrist instruments" brand philosophy, is committed to building the world's best chronograph ambitions of solid proof.

Breitling-made movement

Breitling-made movement

To this end, the Breitling built equipped with top-notch technology Breitling chronometer centres and equipment, in accordance with the same high standards of the aviation industry to develop and produce the watch movement, while ensuring that large-scale production of the next hundred years the avatar core still has the best reliability of the Breitling--2011 years produced about 40,000 homemade movement. Every Breitling calibre 01 strict Switzerland officially certified (COSC), currently Breitling flagship series are equipped with this remarkable movement, including mechanical series (Chronomat), aviation time series (Navitimer), Meng Bailang time series (Montbrillant) and trans-oceanic series (Transocean). Star lovers love the watch represents my heart

China customer service center

2012 Breitling have 01, 02, 04, 05, a total of four homemade movement, the new movement by Breitling watchmakers in 01 movement designed and developed on the basis of not only excellent performance, powerful, and easy to use. For example with original 04 movement of the second time zone time display system, as well as having complex "world time zones" system 05 movement. In order to further confirm the superior performance and reliability of these self-made movement, Breitling to carry self movement of all watches provide the unprecedented five-year warranty, exclusive free watch full maintenance services during the period, covering nearly half mechanical chronograph brands. In such a production scale, the move is undoubtedly its self movement of full confidence and perform for all of Breitling's long-term commitment to provide users with the best quality.

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Homemade mechanical watches the world's first global century sense core of mechanical production


Recent price: SteelSeries Diablo III. 99

SteelSeries Diablo III apparently is Diablo fan mouse products. SteelSeries Diablo III there are 7 custom buttons and cool breath of light, a 32-bit microprocessor and A9500 laser engine, DPI up to 5700 fretting for Omron D2EC-F-7N, flagship of the duly completed. VR Shinecon goggle

SteelSeries Diablo III recent low price of $25.99, about 160 Yuan, cost about 240 Yuan. Central Asia at 503.9, Hai Tao has obvious advantages.

VR Shinecon goggle

Purchase address VR Shinecon goggle

Junkai Wang 17 year old billionaire but wearing a leather jacket he than I

The morning will be 2016, "after the China rich list" scared silly. List the list threshold for assets of 105 million Yuan, the top 4 self-made. Among them, luhan 270 million, junkai Wang 248 million.

Junkai Wang 17 year old billionaire but wearing a leather jacket, he than I

Junkai Wang, wearing a LOEWE Nappa motorcycle jacket (spring/summer 2017 new)

Junkai Wang 17 year old billionaire but wearing a leather jacket, he than I


Junkai Wang, born in 1999, 176cm (growing), cumulative Fortune 248 million through endorsements, the real "high-rich handsome!" Look at 17 years old, I think 17 years old doing?!

Junkai Wang 17 year old billionaire but wearing a leather jacket, he than I

Although junkai Wang is only 17 years old, also irresistible to show off his MAN side, such as his favorite leather jacket, leather jacket comes with tough property, don't bother tie-in, Star tide is, people.

Junkai Wang 17 year old billionaire but wearing a leather jacket, he than I

Whether it is illicit, activity, or on the stage, wearing a leather jacket, Kiki charms to bloom!

Junkai Wang 17 year old billionaire but wearing a leather jacket, he than I

First, looks like low-key hidden details about

Matching skills: detail design

Demonstrations of the following three people seem just a black dress, but they also took heart in the details. Whatever tie waist, still flowing silk scarf, belt or chain, and jewelry for the entire shape of dot effect.

Junkai Wang 17 year old billionaire but wearing a leather jacket, he than I Junkai Wang 17 year old billionaire but wearing a leather jacket, he than I Junkai Wang 17 year old billionaire but wearing a leather jacket, he than I

Second, close your eyes and look

Matching skills: jacket + jeans

Leather jacket with jeans, put a simple t-shirt or a sweater or turtleneck; or foot little white shoes, Chelsea boots, or strappy shoes ... ... Are less error-prone.

Junkai Wang 17 year old billionaire but wearing a leather jacket, he than I

Especially like the hipster (right) made compartment jeans, obviously left the fashion styling, better yet!

Decent shape, too many people wearing white t-shirt + white + black + black leather shoes jacket jeans

Replaced Chelsea boots are a good little white shoes, Chelsea boots with chic, elegant, casual, jeans are quite familiar with. Roll up trousers, extra points!

However, if you select the same color Chelsea boots and pants, make legs look more slender.

Icon by age three, do the streets and tides

Matching skills: jacket + hooded sweater

Such collocations for College, like anxious children growing up, publicity personality, street style; but also suitable for light mature male, has its own fashion attitude, uninhibited free and easy. Also good for Uncle, yuppie age, manly.

Four, the elegant gentleman hormone spills

Matching skills: jacket + slim Pant

Leather leisure play it cool, paired with elegant pants together, mixing personality and elegance out of it. Especially men in the work place, you can try. Pull up female colleague must success.

Five, accessories on more star style

Matching skills: jacket + scarf/Hat

Leather jackets in winter, it is not down (cotton) clothing. So cutesy and warm accessories are essential. For example: scarf, hat ... ... Wear some jewelry, more stars fan.

Six, warm from the cold meaning

Matching skills: extensive layering National Day holiday camp you missed a few things

Is also a warm, wear two dresses, with a rich sense of hierarchy. More interesting, it serves to match deep skill!

More than two people choose the matching compartment outside the white t-shirt (shirt/Cardigan), the skills to Get it!

Also can select inside the sweater match a long shirt, exposing yibai, also have levels, it looks great.

Or outside the shirt + suit, and a leather jacket. Wears off, you can cope with the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and the need for different occasions.

Seven, unwilling to hit shirts try other color

Matching skills: very simple leather jacket +

Match other colored leather jacket, unlike black, select minimalism style of most insurance products, reference junkai Wang red leather jacket and cool colors. Model can also refer to more people:

Junkai Wang

Blue leather jacket

Burgundy leather jacket

Brown leather jacket

Stitching leather jacket

Seeing so much, there is no itching, you can consider:

TILLMANN LAUTERBACH Joan jacket $2,273

Stitching MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Plaid coat $544

GIORGIO BRATO hooded zipper jacket $1,067

DIOR HOMME classic bomber jacket $6,081

BELSTAFF jacket zipper pocket $1,028

PALM ANGELS motorcycle jacket $808

Classic collar jacket RICK OWENS $2,459

FAITH CONNEXION rivets leather jacket $1,001

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Leather jacket jackets junkai Wang hipster jeans jacket worth mix

From big hurt these limited edition with chicken what enemies what hatred

With Rooster step step press of pace, big are and resorted to has prehistoric of force, launched has since think is China wind is classic traditional of "chicken" elements limited version single products, see Dior, and Gucci, and MCM, and LV, and CK, and SWAROVSKI, and Armani, and Estee Lauder and so on, feel we more than was spicy eyes, heart beat frequency also level not align has, only said ugly have so surprised for heaven is too badly. In addition to these hurt us to the style and, of course, there is a small clear stream to save our eyes in time to restore the light, these beautiful items you agree?

From chicken heart cry

From "chicken" cry of the heart

From big hurt these limited edition with

Dior launch a zodiac pendants each year the Red String Bracelet, it can be said on the ugly road has reached the Acme, the dead fish eye and the belly of the monster, estimate chicken statue out of all recognition, you will buy a family of 300 pounds (about 2560) chicken bracelet do?

From big hurt these limited edition with

But miss chicken, Dior even let the monkeys, dragons and snakes, monkeys look like an orangutan, eyes glaze over and the Dragon and snake like mosquito, can no longer take this bracelet look at Dior.

From big hurt these limited edition with

In addition to several outside the stall that is discernible crystal ornaments, Swarovski this year out of a chicken necklace, this feeling gets structure and estimated chicken neck and then could not cure.

From big hurt these limited edition with

MCM spring/summer 2017 also keep up with the pace of the rooster, the introduction of a chicken being a heart-shaped handbag, native winds, smelling and thick, this limited edition value 2000, wanted to start with a spicy eyes?

From big hurt these limited edition with

LV wallet really render a rooster "cross-eyed" look like, and I feel only myopia should not be too low.

From big hurt these limited edition with

Gucci sweater Rooster took them directly to the Northeast, so green willows shape wear out a square-dancing feeling pity.

From big hurt these limited edition with

There are silk square scarf, don't tell me this is the best cock spring, at most chickens flew a dog to jump just shout.

From big hurt these limited edition with

Gucci series of Ace sports shoes for elegant cute little bees disappeared, replaced by yellow chicken, not fake more than fake.

CK men born in red panties is not read, read will awake at night, a stuck-up blonde big cock LOGO, this is the day to day dance, partying every night?

In addition to costume jewelry accessories, chicken also swept the world of beauty, such as Armani at new year's cake this year inserted a big cock, you will be very cool to use it?

Este Lauder limited powder cake box chicken Rooster pattern, although looking gorgeous without being scared, but 150 euros (about 1088) price, you will use the meat in pain? Stylish Trend

Well, hot eyes items to see more, we also need a clear stream to cleanse our sight, like these items, look at least not annoying.

Gucci if not go northeast chicken route, also is is color of, like this paragraph Rooster styling key pendant chain, it to retro golden metal for end of, except as pendant ornaments, also can brings good luck, in its tail feathers Shang ornaments to Swarovski Crystal, Gucci double g pattern decorative Pearl as body of dotted, and to Ruby crystal as dotting details, with out also not spectacle.

Also has this paragraph Chopin new L.U.C XP Urushi "Rooster" special version wrist table also is fine seductive, it used Japan play precious dill painted paint art combined Pearl mother Bell mosaic of exquisite process, will China culture exhibition now decorative with Jinji pattern of dial Shang, dial Shang of Jinji looks majestic, and looked up chest, and wings full, behind lining with Sunrise of King, aside of Tang calamus symbol good luck, total eight beam, and "eight" is representative auspicious of digital.

If you don't like Visual Rooster pieces, hieroglyphic patterns "up and down" "rejoice in the Rooster limited edition lucky bracelet is great choice, based on traditional Chinese 12 animals and origami-inspired, clean lines, style stereo, rich in detail, just like a mini piece of modern sculpture.

If the big-name design is still not assured, you can choose to keep basic mistakes cartoon styles, such as Chiba pendant jewelry love chicken, if Q cute, pleasant.

Jin JI series Q version of Luk Fook jewellery accessories, to create the happy mother hen modeling, appearance when wear should be quite reverse aging.

Rooster pieces, we have messed up here, if you don't mind or have a special preference for a particular item, we don't stop, just one thing to say please love Zodiac chicken, Chinese Astrology after care a little bit more, because we don't want any scare.

Some pictures from the network and micro-blogging, money matters, please contact us.

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Rooster single big-name injuries limited limited edition Swarovski Estee Lauder Dior

Push the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak TUXEDO dress watches

Switzerland's most authoritative master Audemars Piguet Abby watch for its world-famous Royal Oak series rolled out the red carpet, put on a black dress, with top technology to create a dazzling Royal Oak TUXEDO dress watch, accompanied by a series of new and unique jewelry, dedicated to lovers of the most perfect Valentine's day gift. Costume watches humanity and the world

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak TUXEDO dress watches

Charm full of Royal Oak TUXEDO wrist table wear bright surface black dress and bright of diamond: men's wrist table used 39 mm super thin platinum table shell, total mosaic 306 star, and about 5.01 carats diamond, clever of mosaic process makes full set drill table shell still can keep fiber thin; and equipped with love he exclusive homemade of Cal.2120 automatically Shang chain super thin movement, ensure walking precision reliable. Women's watch Platinum case set with 258, 4.16-carat diamond watch case and bezel and mirror with a smooth surface, shows simple lines, angular, elegant and noble. This watch as a pair of elegant black marble, contrasting with the brilliant diamonds. Deep black lacquer dial and black leather band echoes, and the case, when the mosaic, and even hour and minute hand are diamonds, exudes elegance.

Most charismatic superstars in this clock is always charming popping front. Enchanting "she" on the neck of an elegant necklaces, descending from Royal Oak octagonal bezel white gold diamond pendant surrounded by Onyx, four fine chain adorned with a diamond at the end. Earrings and necklace of the same design constitutes a novel set of jewelry, whether matching silk black dress and satin suits can get the finishing touch of the result. Attractive "he" in senior gentleman gown matching bow tie, cuffs and chest prefix to diamond and Onyx cufflinks and octagonal chest buckle.

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches dress diamond Royal Oak inlaid Abby

Leopard print coat fashion Si code dump guns advanced against the hit fashion

Lift the Leopard-print coat, many fashionable girl in the heart is rejected! Too, too vulgar, too demon is impressed label on it! However, the full return to this fashion Leopard-print coat, under the global fashion weather vane's closet has more than a Leopard coat. Meng found that even if we had looked at with various colored glasses this is "worn" Leopard-print coat, but this season it also has the ability to make you fall in love with!

| Leopard-print coat fashion Si code dump guns advanced against the hit fashion super hot

To tell the truth, stereotypes with large gold chains gold Leopard print coat, painting really very beautiful! But Leopard coat can also have other open

| Leopard-print coat fashion Si code dump guns advanced against the hit fashion super hot

Global cargo sister Gigi and sister Bella recently gone mad crush on a leopard-print coat. Bella in this long, trim and neat and clean, no extra design Leopard coat, is this year's most popular also wear styles.

| Leopard-print coat fashion Si code dump guns advanced against the hit fashion super hot

Sister Gigi, out yesterday, then chose Elizabeth and James Black and white colour matching Leopard coat, put a black Hoodie, wearing Reebok under tight black Legging, step Reebok black shoes, looked cool and casual.

| Leopard-print coat fashion Si code dump guns advanced against the hit fashion super hot

Kendall's Leopard-print jacket is super cool, with white t jeans, fashion is not local, appear very high.

| Leopard-print coat fashion Si code dump guns advanced against the hit fashion super hot

Recently, Taylor fell in love with Leopard-print coat, dates with friends, wearing a leopard-print coat plays down disappearance, high pitched fine, showing long legs, with a sprinkle of the iconic red lips, turned into a sexy little Leopard.

| Leopard-print coat fashion Si code dump guns advanced against the hit fashion super hot

The editor in Chief of Vogue, The Devil Wears Prada Anna Wintour also touted Leopard-print coat, attendance grew up in Leopard gown matching silver-gray satin dresses, noble atmosphere.

So, don't blame the Leopard, and is going to wear it! Frankly said, Leopard print coat was playing really bad in recent years, their origin is really high!

The 40 's of the last century, known as the "United States father of Haute Couture" Norman Norell this ferocious animal is first used in fashion, 1943 for Elizabeth "Betty" treat (Elizabeth "Betty" Threatt) designed in a leopard-print fur coat. Since then, Leopard print has become a fashion classic elements.

| Leopard-print coat fashion Si code dump guns advanced against the hit fashion super hot

Later, a Dior is known for elegant fell in love with the mysterious sexy animal, in the spring/summer of 1947, first two Leopard-patterned dress: one piece called "Jungleand" dress, as well as a piece called "Afrique" evening dress. Since then in the 40-60, in the Leopard as a primary element in Dior's design can be seen everywhere.

| Leopard-print coat fashion Si code dump guns advanced against the hit fashion super hot | Leopard-print coat fashion Si code dump guns advanced against the hit fashion super hot

United States history to wear clothes of first lady Jacqueline in a Leopard coat look into history in the classic image.

Leopard print coat blood definitely flows on the tall DNA, but because it looks very "noble" combined with the color complex and exudes a sense of wild, so wear good easy cheesy, accidentally becomes low.

So how to wear Leopard-print coat, to wear out its senior mysteries, overbearing sense of fashion?

Because Leopard pattern itself has enough high profile and complex, so the match is the most important of the principles, the simpler the better!

"Never be wrong" Leopard coat + black inside take

All black inside take is "never wrong" fashionable choice. A basic black sweater, a simple pencil pants, topped with a tiny pair of black boots, can make you a star-like aggression, no matter how grandiose coat styles are easy to get, becoming in vogue! Why am I wearing only jogging pants tell you 10

Word black used, not only easily hold live Leopard complex patterns, and reduce the feeling of fur jacket overly extravagant, was painted in vogue!

Two Miss Hilton Nicky Hilton is paired with black pencil pants, pedal Alaia lace boot, a fan and a simple, show good taste, cool personality.

Kate Moss (Kate Moss) is the Leopard control. Wearing a leopard-print jacket appeared in the streets, wearing a black Fedora, put Coach black dinosaur printed sweaters full of childlike, pitched black leggings, foot Tabitha Simmons zipper high heel ankle boots black, easy to wear an identity of street style.

"The fire most stylish" Leopard coat + jeans + t-shirt

In addition to the match with the universal black, is this year's most popular to wear with t-shirts, jeans and casual street style single CP, synthesized the Leopard is too expensive, but more youthful fashion.

Street style celebrity fashion editors Veronika Heilbrunner model, simple Leopard print coat, with a basic t-shirt, nine feet jeans, white sneakers, easy wear painted a fashion fan!

If you want a light-well done temperament, put on boots boots can.

Super long feminine even Leopard-print coat, encounter will become chic jeans.

If you don't want to wear jeans, you can t put enough articles, it's less "real" sense of fashion!

"Get rid of guns Chic" Leopard coat + wide-leg pants, sport pants

There are more combinations, and comfortable and chic wide-leg pants, sweatpants remix, free Leopard-print coats fashionable nature of Chic in one second! But because the Leopard itself was eye-catching enough, choose single product mix also sought to design a simple, single color.

"Gas blast" Leopard coat + dresses

Leopard-print coat, of course, apart from wearing trousers, with a skirt effect is also very nice, many celebrities attended the event, favorite Leopard + dress to pull the wind, simply match the little black dress, the atmosphere pressing ~

Kate Moss attended the event with a classic Leopard print coat, with a shiny little black dress, all eyes focus.

Russia aristocratic Duma, take a simple little black dress in the classic Leopard print coat, fine pedal with heel went to see a show. Whole body shape than usual, not grandiose tacky, definitely high good taste.

So don't say Leopard-print coat, just can't put people in it!

What Leopard-print coats this year worth buying it? Recommend

In the autumn and winter of 2016 venue, Leopard back, a lot of big plays also get Leopard, Gicenchy playing fur Leopard coat mosaic texture, Leopard print coat and more innovative, cool to a friend. Of course price is pretty 5W+

Saint Laurent Leopard print Yellow and black, more agile profile simple, classic Joker.

If you want something different, the Nordic brand Acne Studios fresh color, makes the Leopard girls!

High Street is not to be missed, of course, a big hot trend items, thousands or even hundreds of price, style and texture was good, people are tempted, to students of early adopters to start!

Well, this month's Amway is here now!

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Leopard print coat Leopard coat chic black fashion to get rid

Langer new Lange 10 000 calendar Tourbillon watches

In the Mayan calendar, the cycle based on 400-year cycle will end on December 21, 2012. Therefore, some people interpret the end of the world comes to an end. But Langer's watchmaker does not agree with this view, on the contrary, they are beginning to deliver one of the most advanced Tourbillon perpetual calendar--meet a new cycle.

Calendar on this watch the may day until 2100 are not adjusted, and it only to fast for one day. Has about 800 year history of the Maya codices, in extremely accurate astronomical calculations, it was marked on December 21, 2012 is the end of an old cycle, and a new 400-year cycle begins. This particular Declaration proved that Maya is innovation on the one hand, on the other hand also has a broad world view. These also are long product development team with character.

Langer new Lange 10,000 calendar Tourbillon watches

Langer new Lange 10,000 calendar Tourbillon watches

Therefore, the Lange 1 Toubillon Perpetual Calendar and the Mayan codices, share a similar spirit. This watch also symbolizes the innovative driving force of this great brand of Saxony. To add in the asymmetry of the Lange 1 dial calendar function, Runge products team initiative a month rotate the outer ring on the watch. In addition, watches tens of thousands of all functions are displayed for the unlocking of calendar, ensure that the watches can provide accurate information at any time. The above features, make this watch became a model for famous watchmaking manufacturers.

Langer new Lange 10,000 calendar Tourbillon watches

Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon perpetual calendar Platinum case, table diameter 41.9 mm, hours, minutes, small seconds hand, day and night display, moon phases, Tourbillon, perpetual calendar, L082.1 automatic chain movement, power reserve 50 hours, crocodile leather strap with folding buckle limited edition of 100 only.

After the fall of the Berlin wall, Walter. Langer is also confident about the future. He decided to go on the tradition established by his great-grandfather breathe again. On October 24, 1994, and led by the Lange 1 new Saxon producing timepieces launches, Langer opened the new prologue, more brands unprecedented glory, making it one of today's most acclaimed watch brands.

Langer, standards are often the driving force of evolution, this company has recently built a new building in the decisions to expand the table to prove it. The new building will provide more than 5000 square metres of additional floor space, and was able to improve production processes and working conditions, the new building has ground-breaking ceremony was held on September 5, 2012.

.svbxs dl{margin:12px;min-height:336px} Crown left running Left handed wrist watch is

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